The Grand Rapids Real Estate market under 120K is booming, bare with me I'm not the best writer in the bunch and I have some observations and ideas I want to share. I'm a very active full time Realtor in Grand Rapids Michigan, and I have to say the buyers market is really happening. Since I'm your next generation tech savvy Realtor, I pride myself on getting new listings emailed to my clients before everyone else sees them, so my clients beat other buyers to hot new listings and foreclosures. Since about mid-March 2009 I have been increasingly involved in multiple offer situations in just about any new listing under 120K, especially Foreclosures that my clients have been interested in, I don't think I've have a client bid on a Grand Rapids Foreclosures without getting in a multiple offer situation, unless it was really far away from Metro Grand Rapids. This frenzy and almost panic to get homes, has made me realize there really are a lot more buyers in the market place, because I’m normally there before most other Realtors, and since there are so many buyers I’m starting to bump into them more. This Panic has made think about recommending putting offers in before they see the home if it looks good, and then schedule a time to look at it. It's almost ridiculous. I've had 3 different clients in the last week see something they like and it sold within the next 24 hours, I had one sell while I was sitting in the driveway getting ready to show it, the other realtor called and said they accepted an offer. In my estimation this buying frenzy is solely because of the federal $8000 tax credit or Rebate check offer which expires on Dec.1 2009. This brings me to the points I'm getting at.

1. Be prepared to write an offer if you see a good home on the spot, and trust your Professional Realtor to advise you on that fact.

2. If you're not prepared consult your Realtor on getting prepared. Making sure you have a pre-approval letter or bank statement ready, and a checking account with at least $1000 ready to write an earnest money deposit check.

3. Financing is taking longer than it did a couple years ago, do to the mortgage world turned upside down, so expect the banks to want lots of documentation and make you jump through hoops, also expect 30-45 days to close on a home, after you get an accepted contract.

4. Don't wait till the wire on the $8000 Tax Rebate Credit, make sure you have found a home by Mid October, and have it under contract. At the end of November is a holiday "Thanksgiving" right before the tax credit expires and banks and title companies are going to be off, and there is a good chance you might not make it before the deadline dec. 1.

5. If your really Serious, make time to see homes, people make time to visit the Dentist or Doctor during the day make time to visit with your Realtor if something special turns up, otherwise it will be gone before you know it.

Note: over priced homes are still not selling, you need to have a market price to get involved in the buying frenzy. If you home isn't seeing any action... It's over priced.

Top 3 things to do to increase your homes value.

1. Stage your home for sale

2. Keep home and yard extremely clean

 3. Increase homes curb appeal and or fix-up (update) kitchen and baths.