There are 5 reasons why replacing the carpet in your home should be at the top of your to-do list when getting ready to sell. These reasons are listed below:

5) SMELL-You may be unaware of a smell because you're used to it, but these scents are usually very apparent when someone is walking in for the first time. Make your home smell new again. 

4) COMPETITION-With 1 buyer/10 homes on the market, they will always choose the home that demands no work or effort. Move-in condition is a HUGE selling point.

3)MONEY-Data shows that those who re-carpet are able to not only recover that cost, but actually make a profit from the project.

2)TIME-Homes that require buyers to paint or replace carpet sit on the market much longer than one that has been completely updated. If it's replaced up front, your home won't sit on the market.

1)The number one reason-again-is MONEY-Putting a little bit of money into prepping your home for sale will save you from buyers demanding a lower price for them to update!

Give your home a fighting chance to sell for the price it's worth in an extremely competitive market!