Wyoming City Council to Meet and Discuss Future of City

Next Monday, August 17th at 5:30 PM, the Wyoming City Council will meet to discuss the future of Wyoming. Facing a near certain bankruptcy in 2 years if the budget is not adjusted, city council members must make difficult decisions.

If you are from Wyoming we need you to attend this meeting and bring your friends and neighbors. It is important that people who understand the nature of taxes and government to be present. Stand up and speak up for the taxpayers and rational government services.

For instance, we need people to question the city council's support of the bus line that extracts $2.5 million each year from Wyoming. What would happen if the city council chose not to continue with the bus line in 2010? Could those funds be used to cover the impending deficit? Will the addition of an income tax really help the city or hurt it?

Please show up to this very important meeting and make a public comment to present 'our view' of sensible government.