Cirque De Soleil is known for putting on wacky, zany and mysifying acrobatic shows. They are usually performed in large Metro areas such as Las Vegas, Chicago and NYC however, we who live in Grand Rapids are getting the chance to see one of the Cirque shows starting tonight (1/26) at DeVos Performance Hall. In Cirque Dreams Illumination city dwellers collect objects that are balanced beyond belief, linemen delicately walk wires, daredevils leap tall buildings and flyers redefine the risks of flight. Everyday occurrences are transformed into astounding feats performed by an international cast of acrobatic urbanites, flexible fanatics, world-class athletes, musicians and more. This action packed Cirque Dream is enhanced with over 100 inventive costumes and set in a fantastical cityscape of dimension and special effects. Cirque Dreams Illumination will surpass its "jaw dropping, family friendly spectacle" proclamation by the Los Angeles Times and exhilarate audiences of all ages. To get tickets visit