According to research done by Design Basics, LLC of Omaha, Nebraska-there are 4 different types of personalities Realtors need to cater to when working with a female home-buyer. They have come up with names to characterize these 4 different personalities:Margo-wants to "wow" others with her unique home, Elise-tends to prefer traditional, Claire-is so detailed she might bring a black light to spotlight all of a home's imperfections and Maggie-well, keeping her focus long enough on the home will be a Realtor's biggest challenge. Why so much focus on what women want? Well, according to Realtor Magazine, single women alone compromise 20% of buyers, up from 14% in 1995 and when a woman is shopping for a home with her significant other or family members it is often she who has the biggest influence over the final decision. Although these 4 personalities may not characterize every female buyer its important to decide which personality is closest to you so that you can have a better idea of what you're looking for. Choose from the more detailed list below:

Margo-"My Home is Unique" Her ideal home: Modern design and clean lines draw her eye. She likes geometric shapes and unusual features and she prefers edgy, European-influenced trends. A work area, library, or inspiration room is also desirable since she’s work-oriented.

Elise-"My Home is my Haven" Her ideal home: Function trumps aesthetics for this traditional, family-oriented buyer. She wants a home that’s easy to clean, low maintenance, and durable. She looks at a home from the family’s perspective, and wants plenty of storage, a large laundry room, and a floor plan that comfortably fits her family lifestyle. She’s more likely to go with a traditional design, such as a country kitchen.

Claire-"My Home Makes a Statement" Her ideal home: This status-driven buyer is drawn to brand names and quality products, such as nice fabrics and crown molding. Claire appreciates symmetry in design and wants polished, sophisticated spaces for formal entertaining. She’s also drawn to arched openings, columns, and a gourmet kitchen.

Maggie-"My Home is Carefree" Her ideal home: This adventurous and spontaneous buyer is the least connected to a home’s appearance. She’s drawn to comfort and function and tends to want less square footage because it means less upkeep. She also tends to prefer "green" design and low-maintenance products since she’s always on the go. Maggie is casual when it comes to a home’s design and desires flexible spaces that she can tailor to accommodate her hobbies.